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Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is more like a movie than your standard video game.  It’s a story driven game that immerses you into the lore and worlds of Star Wars where the decisions you make along your journey will effect your characters options for the rest of their career. You will be faced with hundreds of moral and ethical decisions throughout the entire game.  Do you kill the assassin that murdered your friend or show him mercy to get him to work for you?  Do you accept a mission that goes against your personal beliefs as a jedi or sith or do you stand by the guiding principals of the Republic or Empire?  Do you follow the virtuous path of the light side of the force or give in to your passions and turn to the dark side?  These are just a few of the choices you will have to make as you level your character from 1 to 55.  One wrong choice can lead you down a path you may find hard to recover from.  On top of that, add in the fact you will have companions join you as you journey through the galaxy and each of them will be effected by the choices you make.  Your companions have their own stories to tell and unless you know what they want from you, bond with them, and learn their secrets, there is a whole side of the game you may never experience.It’s very easy to get overwhelmed without an SWTOR Guide!

Even hardcore MMO players can find themselves struggling with the innovative design of this ground breaking game if they try to play without an SWTOR GUIDE.  I personally have played World of Warcraft, Rift, Everquest, Champions Online, Guild Wars, DC Universe Online and Warhammer just to name a few.  I found SWTOR to be easy to play but very difficult to master.  I stumbled my way along through my first characterSWTOR GUIDE Jedi Defender Class Starship, making choices based on what I thought I knew from playing other games, picking stats that I thought made sense, taking talent points as if it was the same as WoW, and when I finally hit level 55 I had created a pretty weak character with no credits to spend and had missed out on TONS of content!  That was when I finally admitted to myself that I needed some help if I wanted to totally own this game.  You can certainly play the game without a SWTOR Guide and learn the ropes from trial and error, but using a SWTOR guide and walkthrough will help you in every aspect of the game. It’s a must have for the serious SWTOR gamer.

Think of it this way, the game is being expanded constantly.  Like any other MMO there are patches that contain buffs, nerfs, new content, etc.  Wouldn’t it be nice while you’re waiting for the latest patch to download to be able to pull up your guide and already see how all of the changes effect the game?  It’s not just reading the patch notes.  It’s watching video’s and getting detailed breakdowns and explanations of how the game has changed and knowing all of this BEFORE you even finish downloading the patch!

Don’t you hate having to constantly tab out of the game to look something up?  Then when you find it you have to tab back in, wait for the loading screen to clear, and go back to playing.  Then if you’re like me you probably forgot something so you need to tab out again, look it up again, tab back in again, wait for the loading screen again.  It’s just plain aggravating.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier to play if you had all of the information you would ever possibly need sitting right in front of you while you play?

This SWTOR Guide review website is written by gamers, for gamers. We have over 30 years combined experience in all aspects of gaming from Pen and Paper to the first Bulletin Board RP games, right up to our latest passion, SWTOR MMO. We have personally used each of the SWTOR guide and products we review here and will tell you the honest truth about their strengths and weaknesses.  It’s then up to you to decide which SWTOR guide, if any, suits your needs and gameplay the best.

Below is a chart of some of the SWTOR guide we have reviewed.  Use it as a starting point.  You need every edge you can get. “In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck.” – Han Solo


Highlights of some of our favorite Starwars The Old Republic Game Guides
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Killer Guides
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SWTOR Class Highlights!

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