May 022014
Celebrate May the Fourth with a new Astromech Droid™ and Double XP!

We’re excited to announce that in honor of Star Wars™ Day and as a thank you to you, our players, we’re giving away the new MT-4T Astromech Droid™ Mini-Pet to the entire Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ community!* Your adventurous Astromech Droid is ready to courageously follow you as you join with friends to fight Read more about this topic

May 092012
SWTOR Patch 1.3 updated

Here is a short summary of the information released so far on Patch 1.3: Group Finder System Flashpoints Story Operations Questing on X Planet Augment Tables – ability to add augment to “any” piece of gear. Makes crafting crits obsolete? Dynamic Gear – some pieces of gear will have their stats increase as you level Read more about this topic

Apr 292012
SWTOR Server Transfers Coming This Summer, New Species In The Works

Fans finally get an anticipated date for SWTOR server transfers. In the latest question-and-answer session with the Star Wars: The Old Republic community, BioWare promised some big additions to the MMORPG. For starters, they plan to roll out SWTOR server transfers in a few months. “We will be rolling out our Character Transfer Service in Read more about this topic

Apr 252012
SWTOR patch 1.2.1 increases Sniper damage, fixes bugs, and cures the Rakghoul plague.

SWTOR Patch 1.2.1 Summary and patch notes: Snipers and Gunslingers should be happy about the changes to Star Wars: The Old Republic this morning. Five of their most prominent abilities have received a 5% increase in damage output. With the latest patch 1.2.1, abilities like Snipe, Charged Burst, Aim Shot, and Ambush now have a Read more about this topic

Apr 242012
Full 3D space battles hinted for future update by Star Wars: The Old Republic's Daniel Erickson

Full 3D Space Battles Star Wars The Old Republic’s Lead Designer has told NowGamer that “the next iteration of space is the single thing” he’s most excited about across all of SWTOR’s incoming new features. ‘Full 3D space battles‘ topped a recent poll of new features that SWTOR players want to see in the MMO; Read more about this topic