May 022014

Highlights Ranked Warzone Season 2 has started! Season Two has opened for combatants! Giradda the Hutt summons you to join the Ranked Warzone Arena queue and compete for glorious rewards (to be announced later). Ratings have been reset for this occasion and, in the mighty words of Baron Deathmark, “Get in there and go berserk!” Read more about this topic

Aug 242013

Star Wars – The Old Republic – News, Updates, Developer Blogs Legions of Scum and Villainy (Nightmare Mode) – now live. Take a Virtual Tour. Bounty Contract Week. The Old Republic Community Cantina Tour Arrives in Chicago. Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Pack. WE ARE THE GALAXY’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND For centuries, Czerka Corporation has led the Read more about this topic

Oct 042012

SWTOR GUIDE HUB has the most accurate reviews for all SWTOR gaming guides.  Find out the real scoop on Zaf’s guide by looking at our exclusive guide comparison chart. SWTOR Leveling Guides – Tips To Quickly Level Your Character by Dirin O Cornor Before the release of SWTOR, which is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Read more about this topic

May 292012
SWTOR Speeder Guide

SWTOR Speeder Guide Throughout the majority of your adventure in SWTOR, you will mainly be moving around on foot. This can be in the form of walking or sprinting, if you’ve earned this ability. You can also access transport service lines found on major areas of the planets. However, getting your very own SWTOR speeder Read more about this topic

May 282012
SWTOR Gift Guide

SWTOR GIFT GUIDE Star Wars The Old Republic is a fantastic online, futuristic role playing game based in the Star Wars universe, your main character initially begins the game alone, then at around level 10 or so, provided you are following the very exiting main storyline of the game, you should gain the services of Read more about this topic

Mar 122012

Strife is one of the most unique SWTOR guides on the market.  The guide is made up of literally HUNDREDS of videos from inside the game walking you through everything you need to know. This is more than just a leveling guide.  It covers every part of the game including videos of PvP, Flashpoints, Operations Read more about this topic