Sith Sorcerer


Sith SorcererPlaying a Sith Sorcerer in Star Wars The Old Republic.

So you want to shoot electrical charges out of your fingertips and cackle as your opponents lay helpless, squirming and screaming on the ground?  Of course you do.  That’s the best part of playing a Sith Sorcerer.  You get to kick ass like the Emperor in the movies!  Do I even need to say anymore?  Looking for strategies to power level your Sith Sorcerer to level 50? Want to know exactly how to obtain high-level gear for your Sith Sorcerer the easy way? If you simply don’t have time to waste testing out moot leveling tips and hints that get you nowhere, then I suggest you get Killer Guides Sith Sorcerer guide for Star Wars The Old Republic. The guide includes cutting-edge strategies that whizz you through the levels all the way to level 50 at breath-taking speed, while ensuring you secure an abundance of credits along the way and of course the best Sorcerer equipment out there.

Detailed Leveling Guide: Wondering where the most rewarding leveling spots are? Which quests you’ll want to do to reap in those experience points? Builds and skill combinations that can visibly bump up your leveling speed? Read up on the advanced Sorcerer leveling content featured in this SWTOR Sith Sorcerer Guide. From proven gameplay strategies and character builds that maximizes leveling points earned every hour played, to tips such as gear with suitable leveling stats you’ll want to use and items that gives you that extra leveling boost, this class manual is indisputably a must-read for serious Sorcerers.

Complete Skills Reference: Look up the stats and description of each Sorcerer skill in this Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Sorcerer Guide. Proven skill combinations for PvE, PvP, group fights and many other scenarios are only a glimpse of what juicy tips the author shares when it comes to effective skill management. Never again will you have to spend days of your precious play-time testing out numerous skill combinations that leads you no where. Never again will you have to make guesses and assumptions on what you can expect from each skill before you invest on them. Respecs? Now a thing of the past – ever since this SWTOR Sorcerer Guide.

Mission Walkthroughs: Get detailed walkthroughs for a set of important hand-picked Sith Sorcerer missions. If you’ve been wasting time running around and between planets, lost on how to proceed with the next important quest, then it’s time you refer to the complete questing chapter in this SWTOR Sith Sorcerer Guide. Considered skipping a quest that you just can’t be bothered with anymore? Remember it’s those rewards and experience points you’ll be throwing away as well. Why not get a complete class reference that shows you exactly how to easily and quickly complete each quest? This manual is just that. An all-in-one compendium with a detailed questing section designed specifically for the Sith Sorcerer advanced class.

Effective PvP Strategies: Known for its healing abilities and long-ranged attacks, the Sith Sorcerer tends to be mistakenly taken as fragile when up against melee DPS classes. Prove everyone wrong, especially those damage dealers and tanks with unique PvP strategies exclusively for Sorcerers found in this Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Sorcerer Guide. Let it be known that a Sentinel or Marauder can just as easily be pawned by this force-sensitive class in a blink.

Sorcerer-Specific Credit-Earning Strategies: In order to smoothly progress and even take your Sorcerer a step further to stand out from all other Sorcerers on your server, you will need credits indefinitely. Every piece of gear comes with a cost. As you level up, you’ll need to get higher-level gear which also comes with a much higher price. The same goes for skills. You’ll need lots and lots of credits to buy new skills, max out existing ones and don’t forget the possibility of having to respec. You simply cannot go without the lack of credits. Moreover, for the best gear, molding your character for the best builds or making use of expensive items to further enhance your performance, you will need those credits and need lots of them. Discover strategies that can easily earn you mountains of credits in this Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Sorcerer Guide. Designed and tweaked specifically for Sorcerers, the set of strategies to earn credits found in this manual is one of a kind.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!

Highlights of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Sorcerer Guide:

  • Proven class-specific leveling strategies that takes you to level 50 in just 1 week
  • Sith Sorcerer complete skills and abilities reference with insider tips and hints
  • Must-have expert-recommended builds designed specifically for Sith Sorcerers
  • In-depth walkthroughs for all the important must-do Sith Sorcerer missions
  • PvP strategies designed specifically for the Sorcerer to go against every other class
  • Strategies to earn heaps of credits to lavish your Sorcerer with only the best gear

Sith Sorcerer Guide

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