Sith Juggernaut


Sith JuggernautPlaying a Sith Juggernaut in Star Wars The Old Republic.

The Sith Juggernaut has three skill trees available to him: Vengeance, Immortal and Rage.  Each one of these trees has roughly 20 different abilities for players to place points into, and most abilities have multiple ranks per point.  Each skill tree was designed to have its own distinct feel; a player’s choice of skill tree will greatly impact their game experience.  The immortal tree is geared towards players who want to be at the forefront of a group, as it allows the Sith Juggernaut to soak up the most damage and keep enemies focused on attacking them.  The Vengeance tree gives a good mix of survivability and damage and is best suited for PvP. Finally the Rage tree gives the Sith Juggernaut many ways to improve their Force Choke ability and provides the Sith Juggernaut with other abilities that allow them to function as an off tank.

If you find yourself with a Sith Juggernaut that falls face-down the moment you jump into the midst of battle, then it’s time you do a complete revamp of your character. Wondering how best to do that? I suggest using Killer Guide Sith Juggernaut guide for SWTOR.  It has insider tips and hints on how to mold a Juggernaut that leaves trails of disaster and gawking observers throughout the galaxy starting now! Want to have a level 50 Juggernaut, and want to have it now? Wondering what are the best Sith Juggernaut builds to absolutely dominate the battlefield? It’s yours for the taking. Jam-packed with advanced class-strategies, this Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Juggernaut guide is your golden ticket to walk the ultimate tank!

Sith Juggernaut exclusive Leveling Guide: Cut down on the long leveling process. Mold yourself a completely leveled up Sith Juggernaut by the end of this week using the class-specific leveling strategies shared in this Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Juggernaut Guide. Whether you prefer to earn leveling experience the traditional way via questing or engage in PvP challenges, the strategies in the guide takes the commonly known strategies a step further to offer you unique leveling hints that have you blazing through the levels. Know where the top experience-yielding areas are, the most suitable leveling builds at any given level and which gear to equip for extra leveling stats. Put them all together and surprise yourself as you triple the amount of experience points you earn by the hour.

PvP Strategies and Tips: Anyone who has chosen to specialize their Sith Warrior as a Juggernaut has basically chosen the ultimate tank, a leader that is known to be the first to run into battle and the main force that pushes attacks beyond enemy’s line. Well-versed in tanking and dealing close ranged damage with their lightsabers, the Sith Juggernaut is not a force to be reckoned with, be it on the battlefield or when it comes to one-on-one challenges. If you want to single-handedly pulverize opponents in just about every PvP fight, then make sure you do not go without the PvP strategies designed specifically for the class shared in this SWTOR Sith Juggernaut Guide!

Complete Skills List and Build Recommendations: Don’t waste time on trial and error when it comes to builds. If you’re wondering what the most effective builds are for the Sith Juggernaut, find out from this Star Wars: The Old Republic Juggernaut Guide. Whether it’s speed-leveling builds or those that turn you into a killing machine, discover them all here in this guide. Apart from build recommendations, the manual also provides full listings of class skills with the essential stats and descriptions.

Must-do Class Quests: Can’t wait to get your very own ride? Perhaps your first companion? Then never, ever skip any of the Juggernaut class quests. These quests are deemed the most important as far as unlocking features and story-line goes. Finding yourself absolutely stuck on a class quest can be very frustrating, yet skipping them altogether is a definite no no. Make use of the step-by-step walkthroughs for all the important must-do quests in this SWTOR Sith Juggernaut Guide and save yourself the trouble of multiple attempts or having to go without important game features.

Weapons, Armors and Items: Are you looking for a reference to look up what weapons, armors and items are available for your Juggernaut at each level? Find out from this SWTOR Sith Juggernaut Guide. Take it a step further and learn where the higher level gear and the rare items are hidden. Never again be caught wearing lower-level equipment.

Earn Credits the Juggernaut’s Way: Missing out on all the action because you just don’t have enough credits to max out your skills or buy better equipment? Don’t let the lack of credits ruin all the fun. Discover expertly designed strategies to earn an abundance of credits the Juggernaut’s way, found exclusively in this Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Juggernaut Guide. Never again will you have to mull over wrong purchases, frustrate over having to spend on respecs or go without level-appropriate gear.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!

Highlights of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Juggernaut Guide:

  • Class-exclusive leveling strategies to fast forward your Sith Juggernaut to level 50 within a week
  • Proven PvP strategies to go against all other classes as well as higher level opponents
  • A complete run-down of class skills and recommendations for the best builds
  • Detailed step-by-step walkthroughs to easily and quickly complete the important class quests
  • A comprehensive equipment guide that highlights must-have Juggernaut gear as well as how to obtain them
  • Walk a filthy rich Juggernaut using strategies that guarantee a non-stop inflow of credits

Sith Juggernaut Guide

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