SWTOR Powertech


SWTOR PowertechPlaying a SWTOR Powertech in Star Wars The Old Republic.

The SWTOR Powertech is an Advanced Class of the Bounty Hunter that focuses on tanking and DPS.  Though they have several abilities the work at range the SWTOR Powertech is most powerful when played at melee range or within 10 meters of it’s target.  Powertechs rely on their armor and gadgetry to keep aggro on their enemies and their Grapple ability to pull targets in to them. (Think Death Grip from Death Knights in World of Warcraft).

Role in PvE:

Powertechs specializing in the Shield Tech tree are primarily seen as tanks in PvE.  With heavy armor and a variety of gadgets for controlling mobs. shield techs tend to take steady, predictable damage.  Powertechs specializing in the Advanced Prototype and Pyrotech trees are primarily seen as melee DPS in PvE.  Advanced Prototype is more focused on AOE damage with heavy use of Flamethrower while Pyrotech is focused more on single target damage with Flame Burst and Rail Shot.  Both trees get DOT abilities in Retractable Blade and Incendiary Missiles.

Role in PvP:

Shield Techs perform best when paired with a healer. Use of the Guard ability to soak damage for an ally and the Taunt ability to lower enemy damage are extremely powerful in Warzones.  Shield techs can take a beating and make excellent ball carriers in Huttball, but they’re also great defensive players with the ability to peel for teammates and pressure enemy players.  Advanced Prototype and Pyrotech Powertechs can put continuous  pressure on the opposing team with DOTs and slows, as well as some burst DPS when procs line up.  The DPS SWTOR Powertech shines when faced with a tight cluster of enemies; they’re able to dish out a lot of damage in a very short amount of time, keeping players off objectives like the doors in Voidstar or turrets in Battle of Alderaan.

Stat Priorities:

Bounty Hunters use Aim as a primary stats.  Because SWTOR Powertechs fight in melee range and can typically draw aggro, Endurance is more favorable that it is for Mercenaries.  DPS Powertechs will prefer Accuracy (to cap), Critical Rating, Surge Rating and Power as secondary stats while Tanks will want Defense, Shield Rating, Absorption and Accuracy (to cap)

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