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SWTOR OperativePlaying a SWTOR Operative in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Wondering what the Imperial Agent advanced class, the SWTOR Operative, has in store for you? Imperial Agents and their two advanced classes, SWTOR Operatives and Snipers are key elements of the Sith Empire’s incursion into Republic space.  Their rare skills and underhand tactics are ideal for driving a wedge in the Republic;s alliances, thereby enabling the Sith Empire to establish itself further in the truce that exists between the two factions.

Getting started as an SWTOR Operative first means completing missions as an Imperial Agent on Hutta. Once you reach Level 10 you the gain the opportunity to be promoted to your preferred advanced class. While you might want a fast-tracked career with the Sith Empire the truth is that life as an Imperial Agent is one of the best experiences within the whole game universe of Star Wars The Old Republic.  There are some truly excellent missions available to you on the starting world of Hutta, where your character must go undercover and infiltrate the circle of the most powerful Hutt, Nem’ro.

Want to quickly get your Operative to level 50? Then I suggest using Killer Guide Imperial Agent SWTOR Operative Guide for Star Wars The Old Republic. If you’re not sure which build to go for when joining a certain operation or become indecisive when it comes to skill tree selections, then it’s time to get help. The easiest self-help is this SWTOR Operative Guide. Packed with strategies, tips and hints designed specifically for this advanced class, the manual is suitable for Operatives at any level.

Fast Leveling Path: If you’re one of those players who can’t wait to gain access to the more advanced game content such as flashpoints, operations and higher level gear, then don’t go without the leveling section featured in this SWTOR Operative Guide. The manual shares with you exactly where the high experience-yielding locations are for different levels, how to effectively level up via PvP and which leveling missions you definitely do not want to skip.

Skill Trees and Recommended Builds: Maxing the wrong skills is one of the main frustrations for gamers. Not only does it mean having to re-allocate points, but it also affects the number of possible effective skill combinations you get to play with. Get an in-depth look into the skill trees for Operatives, what each skill offers and what combinations are recommended, from this Star Wars: The Old Republic Operative Guide.

SWTOR Operative-Exclusive PvP Strategies: Want to learn effective PvP strategies for this advanced class? Sick and tired of constantly loosing PvP fights against higher level characters? Discover some of the most awesome PvP strategies designed specifically for the Operative class in this SWTOR Operative Guide. Before you know it, you’ll be feared far and wide when it comes to PvP challenges.

Equipment and Items: Are your fruitless attempts to obtain that high-end gadget beginning to get the better of you? If you’re getting more and more frustrated trying to get your hands on certain Operative equipment, then find out what the Star Wars: The Old Republic Guide has in store for you. Besides gear description, details on where rare and epic gear and items are located as well as tips on how to easily and quickly obtain them are shared in the handbook.

Strategies for a Wealthy SWTOR Operative: Don’t focus solely on leveling up only to find that you’ve reached the level cap as a pauper. Learn effective credit-making strategies in this SWTOR Operative Guide. Discover how thrilling it feels to be able to buy everything your heart desires and still have credits left in stock for a rainy day.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!

Highlights of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Operative Guide:

  • Proven leveling path that takes the Operative to level 50 within 7 days
  • Recommended builds and skill combinations that are effective for various purposes
  • PvP tactics that work wonders regardless of which other class you are up against
  • Operative strategies to effectively dominate flashpoints and warzones
  • A full equipment reference with recommendations and tips for obtaining rare items
  • Strategies designed exclusively for the Operative to make heap loads of credits in a short time

SWTOR Operative Guide

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