SWTOR Sniper


SWTOR SniperPlaying an SWTOR Sniper in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Playing a SWTOR Sniper in Star Wars The Old Republic requires using ranged tactics so if you think you are going to stand toe-to-toe with your enemy and win, think again.  However, they do feature a few close combat skills to help them get out of a sticky situation, enabling them some breathing room to get back to their desired distance.

Known to take enemies by surprise from afar, these SWTOR Sniper sharpshooters are dreaded opponents. You never know where they are taking cover, where attacks are coming from and by the time you do, it’s already too late. If you’ve rolled out this deadly ranged class, you can bet that being able to quickly identify a target’s vulnerability and making quick decisive moves take you a long way ahead of other gunmen.

If you find yourself having trouble quickly hitting the level 50 cap or ending up with a total fiasco, I suggest using Killer Guides SWTOR Sniper Guide to help you. You should be out there shooting away targets and showing off your marksman skills rather than hiding behind the scene making futile attempts at lower level quests. This SWTOR Sniper Guide is what you need to take your game to a whole new level. Designed specifically for the SWTOR Sniper advanced class, the guide covers important class content in assiduous detail and provides a plethora of proven strategies, tips and game-play recommendations.

Class-Specific Leveling Strategies: Want to quickly access the more advanced game features such as operations and flashpoints? Or perhaps higher level rifles and weaponry? Then check out what juicy SWTOR Sniper leveling strategies you won’t want to go without in this Star Wars: The Old Republic Sniper Guide. Make use of the tips and recommendations to significantly cut down precious playtime spent on leveling up. Know which leveling quests you’ll want to do, how exactly to complete them, where the best leveling mobs are, the best SWTOR Sniper leveling builds, and literally teleport yourself to level 50!

Sniper Skills: Taking on high-level mobs and enemies with a strong knowledge of your available skills and how they support each other against certain types of attacks, is a crucial factor that decides whether you end up in fame or a complete flop. If you’re wondering what the best skill combinations are against certain PvP enemies or even an entire army, read them up here in this SWTOR Sniper Guide. Besides tips for making maximal use of skills in all sorts of situation, this Sniper manual shares with you the most effective Sniper builds ever designed for purposes such as fast leveling up, soloing effectively and owning flashpoints.

PvP Strategies for Snipers: Do not underestimate this ranged class when it comes to PvP. With the right strategies for each level, scenario and opponent, the Sniper class can easily dominate any PvP encounter. Discover PvP strategies, tips and recommendations shared by an expert Sniper in this Star Wars: The Old Republic Sniper Guide and never again will you have to second-guess yourself when up against that tank or higher level challenger.

Sniper Weapons, Armors and Items: Want to get your hands on that high level long range blaster rifle? Perhaps that next high grade armor with the latest communication technology? If you’re pondering over what next gear to equip your Sniper with and where to find it, look it up here in this SWTOR Sniper Guide. The manual not only provides equipment overviews but also comes with recommendations and details on how to obtain rare items.

Strategies for Fast, Easy Credits: Like every other class, to survive in the vast Star Wars galaxy, credits is essential. The currency is used for everything related to character progression such as buying level-suitable gear as you level up, getting new skills and maxing out abilities. Read up on class-specific strategies to reap in those credits throughout the game in this SWTOR Sniper Guide, and never again walk a penniless pauper of a Sniper.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!

Highlights of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Sniper Guide:

  • Custom-designed leveling strategies proven to effectively take the SWTOR Sniper to level 50 in only 7 days
  • State of the art class builds and skill combinations designed and shared by an expert gamer
  • Proven PvP tactics, tips and tricks exclusively for Snipers
  • Detailed walkthroughs to quickly complete important Sniper quests and reap in the rewards
  • An entire section dedicated to the Sniper’s equipment and items, with recommendations
  • Snipers-only strategies that earns you heaps of credits

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