Jedi Knight


Jedi KnightPlaying a Jedi Knight in Star Wars The Old Republic.

I love the Jedi Knight class. I mean really, who doesn’t want to demolish his enemies with lightsabers? (ok so maybe that was a little to close to the dark side motive but we all have a little dark side in us somewhere right?) Is either your Jedi Guardian or Jedi Sentinel, missing out on the better light sabers? Sick and tired of falling face flat on the ground every time you fight a Sith Warrior? Is it a credit issue that is stopping you from acquiring the best skills at any given time? Then let me suggest Killer Guides SWTOR Jedi Knight Guides. From pinpointing the highest experience-rewarding leveling spots to class-specific Jedi Knight PvP strategies, the Jedi Gaurdian and Jedi Sentinel guides are your ticket to the top of your game. Make use of the best strategies and class secrets to easily and quickly bump up your standing against every other Jedi Knight class on your server.  The best part about this is you get BOTH the Jedi Guardian guide AND the Jedi Sentinel guide for a super discounted price.

Cutting-edge Leveling Strategies: Can’t wait to get your Jedi Guardian or Jedi Sentinel to the level cap? If having a completely leveled up Jedi Knight advanced class in the shortest possible time is what you want, then you should not go without this set of SWTOR Jedi Knight Guides. Find out what leveling tricks the experts are using and the top leveling spots for your class at every level.  Power level your to level 50 using these specific walkthroughs, insider tips and strategies.

Top Jedi Guardian and Sentinel Builds: Wondering what the Jedi Sentinel build is to deal the most damage? Or perhaps the best builds for your one-man Jedi Guardian to effectively tank? Want to level up quickly and perform outstandingly in groups? Then what are you waiting for? Flip through to the builds section of Killer Guides Star Wars The Old Republic Jedi Knight Guide compilation and voila! It’s all there for you. Never again waste time testing out various builds. Know exactly what the best ones are for your Jedi Knight specialization, and work your character towards them.

Advanced Class Strategies: Looking for an in-depth rundown of the advanced classes? Not just an analysis but a complete strategy reference for the Jedi Sentinel and the Jedi Guardian? Problem solved! Learn of proven strategies to easily gain an edge playing as either a Jedi Sentinel or Jedi Guardian. The full rundown of the skills and attributes of each of the advanced classes available in each of these SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide more than comes in handy for you to prepare your character blueprint.

Proven PvP Tactics: Want to have one of those Jedi Knight advanced class that other gamers scurry away from? Perhaps leave a trail of destruction wherever you go? Don’t waste any more time. Get a copy of this SWTOR Jedi Knight Guides bundle and discover the best Jedi Knight PvP strategies available out there for the Sentinel and Guardian advanced classes. Not only will you learn the strategies that you should not go without, but you will also be getting a detailed look into the weakness of other classes and anti-class strategies to easily win PvP fights.

Obtaining Rare Jedi Guardian and Sentinel Equipment: Wondering where those other Jedi Knights got their unique shiny gadgets? Find out where and how to obtain the top gear for your Guardian and Sentinel level-by-level with this SWTOR guide set. You can now forget about losing fights and dying so often because of equipment problems. (ok but I gotta be honest here, stealth classes are STILL a huge pain in the butt.)

The Most Efficient Strategies to Make Credits: Can’t stand being a pauper of a Jedi? Then start making use of the proven strategies exclusively for the Jedi Sentinel and Jedi Guardian classes that are featured in this set of 2 advanced class Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi Knight Guide. Imagine how wonderful it would be to own everything in the galaxy that money can buy, and still have a heap load of credits stored away for a rainy day.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!

Highlights of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi Knight Advanced Class Guides:

  • Get your hands on cutting-edge leveling strategies that takes you to level 50 in only 1 week (for both the Jedi Guardian and Jedi Sentinel)
  • Discover the best damage-dealing Guardian and Sentinel builds along with detailed skill recommendations
  • Read up on an in-depth account of the Jedi Guardian and Sentinel advanced classes along with insider’s tips
  • Find out the best PvP tactics that literally have you on a killing spree
  • Uncover exactly where the rare and epic Jedi Knight equipment is hidden for both specializations
  • Make use of top-end strategies to earn large amounts of credits the Jedi Knight’s way

Jedi Knight

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