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Jedi GuardianPlaying a Jedi Guardian in Star Wars The Old Republic

The Jedi Guardian advanced class for SWTOR is the primary tanking class of the Jedi order.  Guardian’s excel in combat using a single lightsaber and a shield generator for defense or focus for offense.  So while you can play a Jedi Guardian as a PvE DPS class, there really is no point in it.  You don’t do anywhere near as much damage as the other classes or builds, and you’re not tanking so all that armor is going to waste.  This class was designed for two things. PvE tanking, and kicking big time butt in PvP.  As a tank you have mitigation abilities that make you so easy to heal.  And in PvP you can stand toe to toe against 2 or 3 other players and STILL stay alive.  Believe me, Jedi Guardian PvP is a FUN class to play!  But, to get to level 50 and enjoy everything the class has to offer, you should still check out Killer Guides Jedi Guardian SWTOR guide.  Here’s some highlights.

Jedi Guardian Leveling Guide: Looking for the fastest way to level up your Jedi Guardian? You’re in luck! The shortest-possible leveling path designed by a veteran gamer is shared with you in this SWTOR Jedi Guardian Leveling Guide. Be it top experience-yielding quests, leveling builds or any other effective leveling tips—they’re all made available in this strategy-packed manual. Shock your game mates as you burst forward, leaving everyone else behind eating your galactic dust.

Jedi Guardian Builds: Featured in this SWTOR Jedi Guardian Guide are some of the lesser known, highly effective skill combinations for powerful Jedi Guardian builds. An analysis of each build along with its pros and cons are compiled within the skills and builds section. Never again will you have to mull in regret, spend fortunes on respecs or start a new character just because you have irreversibly messed up skill point allocations. Choosing the right build from the start will give your SWTOR Guardian its full potential all the way to end game.

Equipment and Items: Ever felt overwhelmed by the number of items or equipment you can use or wear? Ever saved up for an item which wasn’t worth it in the end? Find out from the start which items or equipment you should be aiming for, and optimize your character right from the beginning. Using the full equipment reference found in this Star Wars The Old Republic Jedi Guardian Guide, there will be no more delays for your character from equipment trials and errors.

Combat Tactics: Wondering how to best play your Jedi Guardian in group fights? Don’t let your Jedi Guardian be the laughing stock of the group. Learn how to be effective in group plays, or go solo successfully using the tips shared by a veteran gamer in this SWTOR Jedi Guardian Guide.

Class-Specific PvP Strategies: Not only will this guide teach you how to survive PvP, but also to conquer all those who cross your line. Defend and destroy all who oppose you with ease after going through the invaluable and indisputably useful strategies in this SWTOR Jedi Guardian guide.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!

Highlights of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi Guardian Guide:

  • How to take your Jedi Guardian from level 1 to 50 in just 7 days
  • Complete character skills, abilities and build reference with recommendations
  • A full rundown of Guardian equipment with stats, and where to obtain them
  • Battle strategies to effectively go solo or stand out in group play
  • PvP tactics to increase your winning chances against any other class
  • Tips to triple your inflow of credits exclusively for the Jedi Guardian

Jedi Guardian Guide

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