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Jedi SentinelPlaying a Jedi Sentinel in Star Wars The Old Republic.

The Jedi Sentinel advanced class for SWTOR is a pure DPS melee killing machine. The Jedi Sentinel is a lightwielding Berserker, plain and simple. Two lighsabers provide MORE than just double the damage, they give you access to special attacks and abilities.  Downside is you are limited to wearing medium armor.  Focus is the primary resource of the Jedi Sentinel.  Any hit you land on an enemy builds Focus and your more damaging attacks require more Focus to use.

The Jedi Sentinel has three skill trees they can draw power from.  The Watchmen skill tree focuses on direct damage, setting enemies on fire and other DPS abilities.  The Combat skill tree focuses on healing yourself and other Jedi Sentinel PvP related DPS abilities.  The Focus skill tree, well….focuses lol, on making the other two skill trees more efficient with passive bonus abilities.  The recommended profession for a Jedi Sentinel is Synthweaving because you can make epic gear for yourself at all levels as you progress through the game.

Pros of being a Jedi Sentinel in SWTOR.

  • You can dual wield lightsabers.  Seriously, what is cooler than that!
  • You can use Force Leap to jump long distances and instantly attach your enemies.
  • You are the highest, single-target, DPS class in the game.
  • You can set enemies on fire and watch them run around burning. (And laugh at them as they do in PvP)
  • You can throw your lightsaber at enemies and have it come back to you like a boomerang.
  • The Combat Skill Tree is a pure PvP build for kick butt lightsaber dueling.

Cons of being a Jedi Sentinel in SWTOR.

  • You are limited to medium armor.
  • Jedi Guardians are tougher (wearing heavy armor)
  • Robe armor drops are harder to come by so gearing your Jedi Sentinel can be more difficult

Create a whole new damage ceiling with unavoidable attacks. Combined with the Force, you are simply unstoppable. To play this class to the max I suggest using Killer Guides Jedi Sentinel advanced class guide.  This detailed SWTOR guide covers all the potential advantages and flaws of this specialization and shows you techniques that will work like magic.

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Top Builds for the Jedi Sentinel: Tired of making mistake upon mistake when it comes to the Jedi Sentinel skills and Jedi Sentinel builds? This is a very crucial character element, especially as you come closer to end game as you don’t want to join operations where you will only drag everyone down. Lead your party and command their respect with a top-notch character using the Jedi Sentinel builds described in this Star Wars The Old Republic Jedi Sentinel Guide.

Jedi Sentinel Questing Know-how: Find the most efficient paths to quests, and combine quests so you don’t waste time going back and forth. This SWTOR guide will help you save time, allowing you to do more important things such as earning credits, assembling matrix cubes from datacrons and looking for rare items.

Top PvP Strategies for the Jedi Sentinel: Find out some of the best PvP strategies designed specifically for this class and shared by an expert gamer in this SWTOR Jedi Sentinel Guide. Never again will you have to shy away from PvP challenges. Make use of the tips in the guide to easily take down that pain in the butt Powertech or Sith Inquisitor anytime. Most importantly, you can now enter that warzone with your head held high and leave behind a trail of disaster to make your mark.

Jedi Sentinel Credit Strategies: Proven strategies are laid out in detail with pinpoint location of where to best earn your credits for all levels. Let this Star Wars The Old Republic Jedi Sentinel Guide lead you to become one of the rich elites. There is no such thing as having too much credits in this game. In order to mold an all-powerful Jedi Sentinel, you will need a constant inflow of credits to spend on getting new gear, buying skills and even doing respecs.

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Highlights of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi Sentinel Guide:

  • Jedi Sentinel-exclusive strategies that takes you from level 1 to 50 within a week
  • Become a Lightsaber and Force specialist with builds recommended by an expert
  • Walkthroughs in rich detail for must-do Jedi Sentinel quests
  • Complete level-by-level equipment guide exclusively for Jedi Sentinels
  • Jedi Sentinel-specific PvP strategies to dominate the warzone
  • Strategies to keep your inflow of credits at an all time high

Jedi Sentinel Guide

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