SWTOR Smuggler


SWTOR SmugglerPlaying a SWTOR Smuggler in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Thinking about playing the SWTOR Smuggler, one of the most thrilling advanced classes in the game? Notoriously known to be involved in many sticky situations, the slick, sneaky and street smart Gunslinger and Scoundrel are no strangers to risks. But if your character is not performing up to par, you’ll find the arsenal of expert tips in this set of SWTOR Smuggler Guides, which includes a Gunslinger and Scoundrel Guide, pretty handy. Slip into SWTOR Smuggler mode and weave your way to huge profits. Go ahead and break new grounds and plenty of rules; the smuggler answers to no one but himself.

Leveling Strategies: As good as the smuggler is at getting a good deal, this guides bundle truly is a bargain.  Revealed in each of the advanced class manuals are all the important quests along with insider’s strategies that leads you to leveling supremacy. Using the strategies featured, you’ll find yourself at the level cap in no time. With a cunning and risky attitude, these SWTOR Smuggler Advanced Class Guides reveal tips and tricks on how to minimize wasting your precious play-time earning measly amount of experience points. Get this Smuggler Guides bundle now and surprise your friends as your soar through the levels all the way to level 50 in a flash.  Nothing beats having an SWTOR Guide by your side!

Advanced Class Skills and Builds: View beforehand all the different build possibilities before venturing into the unknown. Confidently take the road which suits you best. Make the best skills and builds choices for your Gunslinger and Scoundrel using the expert advice from this Star Wars: The Old Republic Smuggler Guide compilation.

The Perfect Dress Code: Not known for donning heavy plated or fancy armor, the SWTOR Smuggler Gunslinger and Scoundrel prowls in comfortable and flexible clothing. Know how to stay light on your feet, agile in battle, and get the right equipment for your Smuggler specialization using this Star Wars: The Old Republic Smuggler Guide. Made up of 2 distinct Gunslinger and Scoundrel guide, this compilation ensures you detailed and customized tips when it comes to gearing up either your Gunslinger or Scoundrel.

Specialization – the Key to Victory: Longing to know what dual blasters to blast away your enemies with? Gunslinger specialization tactics that are revealed within this SWTOR Smuggler Guide speaks for itself when you surprise friends and foes on the battlefield with your newly found advanced moves. Or do you prefer to be a Scoundrel where the word fair fight is not in the dictionary? Learn how to attack preemptively and secure a win in every battle with the Scoundrel Guide that is featured as part of this Star Wars: The Old Republic Smuggler Guide.

PvP Your Way to Fame: Make losing PvP fights a thing of the past. Rise above your defeats and make the strongest comeback ever known in Star Wars history. Find the best PvP tactics for your Gunslinger and Scoundrel in this in-depth set of SWTOR Smuggler Guides.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!

Highlights of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Smuggler Advanced Class Guides:

  • Sneak your way up the leveling ladder, all the way to level 50 in just 1 week (strategies exclusively for Gunslingers and Scoundrels)
  • Perfect your knowledge on what advanced class skills to use, when and where
  • Lighten your load, yet still stay battle-gear optimized and ready for different battles
  • Discover specialization strategies determined to turn you into the most fearsome Gunslinger and Scoundrel
  • Learn how to earn PvP fame and notoriety the Gunslinger’s and Scoundrel’s way
  • Keep your credits balance at an all time high with strategies to earn credits specifically designed for each of the advanced class

SWTOR Smuggler

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