SWTOR Gunslinger


SWTOR GunslingerPlaying a SWTOR Gunslinger in Star Wars The Old Republic.

No one is quicker at the draw than a SWTOR Gunslinger in Star Wars The Old Republic.  Their unique fighting style consists of shooting dual wield blasters behind a secure covered position, taking time to charge up their hardest-hitting ranged attacks while ensuring their cover remains intact through a mix of tech abilities and Smuggler street smarts.

A SWTOR Gunslinger is a DPS killing machine, dishing out the heaviest bombardment at the furthest possible distances.  Other characters who try to blow their cover and gimp their DPS will find the SWTOR Gunslinger to be extremely resourceful.  Gunslingers have the ability to create artificial covers through tech skills and continue punishing enemies with blaster fire and explosive charges.  In PvP the Gunslinger’s cover ability gives them certain advantages like protection from Sith’s force leap attacks for instance.  The Sith has to run up to the SWTOR Gunslinger giving them time to pound away on the Sith with their weapons. While the Scoundrel advanced class focuses more on stealth and healing, the Gunslinger is all about the damage.

Pros of playing a SWTOR Gunslinger:

1) Highest ranged damage potential and capable of leading the DPS charts.
2) High burst damage can end fights quickly, especially against low armor level targets.
3) Longest ranged abilities means they will get first blood vs melee classes and continued damage against escaping targets.
4) Cover Mechanic Shields you from enemy ranged fire.

Cons of playing a SWTOR Gunslinger:

1) Restricted to wearing medium armor only.
2) Underpowered in melee combat.
3) Cover mechanic forces you to stay in one place.
4) Your big damage abilities are vulnerable to stuns and interrupts.

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Skills and Builds Recommendations:
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Gunslinger’s Quest Reference: Confused at which quest you should do first or how the storyline will evolve in regards to each quest you do? Strategies, tips and tricks to quickly complete all the important and story-based missions for the Gunslinger are detailed within this Star Wars: The Old Republic Guide. The reference not only shows you how the storyline evolves but also enables you to complete quests super fast and reap in those leveling experience points.

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Highlights of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Gunslinger Guide:
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  • Detailed quest guide for the Gunslinger and story-driven quests
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SWTOR Gunsinger

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