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SWTOR ScoundrelPlaying a SWTOR Scoundrel in Star Wars The Old Republic

The SWTOR Scoundrel class of character in Star Wars The Old Republic is the type of money making rogue that you’ll recognize from the original Star Wars films. (Think Han Solo with a few extra skills).  Drawing on luck rather than the more obvious swordsmanship and Force melee skills of the Jedi, the SWTOR Scoundrel is a very different type of character to play in SWTOR.  Playing as the SWTOR Scoundrel advanced class you have two roles, damage (DPS) or healing depending on which skill tree you focus on. Weapons are available ranging from grenades to hand-held blasters but in particular the blaster pistol and scattergun are extremely deadly.  The Scoundrel can draw from three skill trees, Dirty Fighting, Sawbones and Scrapper. The SWTOR Scoundrel relies more on stealth than firepower like the Gunslinger.

The SWTOR Scoundrel is no doubt one of the more risky specializations to play. Due to its nature, the Scoundrel never has time for a fair fight on the battlefield. Taking advantage of every situation using stealth and invisibility is the way to success for this advanced class. If you want to mold a truly terrifying Scoundrel you will need some professional guidance.  The Scoundrel build in SWTOR you choose can be a blaster firing DPS machine and a sneaky tech wielder who slows and stuns opponents in the Dirty Fighting tree,a melee based boxer and trickster in the Scrapper tree, or even a healer out on the battlefield using the Sawbones tree skills. (ok so Han Solo didn’t do much in the way of Scoundrel healing in the movies but use your imagination!),   To really get the most of this advanced class I suggest you use Killer Guides SWTOR Scoundrel guide to Star Wars The Old Republic.  Here are some of the features of their guide.

SWTOR Scoundrel Leveling Strategies: Born as a risk taker, the Scoundrel has different skills to go about his daily life. Leveling is no different. Leveling strategies are needed so you can quickly hit the SWTOR leveling cap. Hitting it fast and hard is the way the Scoundrel plays. Discover all the tested leveling strategies for the class in this Star Wars: The Old Republic Scoundrel Guide starting now.

To-Die-For Equipment: Find in-depth analyses of all the best items and where to acquire them. Most importantly, wear what’s right for your Scoundrel. The equipment section of this SWTOR Scoundrel Guide gives you all the equipment answers you need: from specific stats and level-based equipment availability to the locations of rare and epic ones.

Questing Walkthroughs: Walk the planets a confident Scoundrel. Know all the spots, areas and items needed to finish all the important class quests with this Star Wars: The Old Republic Scoundrel Guide. No more running in circles trying to complete that one single quest. This handbook shows you the exact locations to go to so you can ease your way to the level cap.

Strategies for the SWTOR Scoundrel in Action: Whether it comes to wiping out mobs, taking down a single enemy or entering warzones this SWTOR Scoundrel Guide has all the essential fighting strategies you need. Never again will you have to shy away from PvP challenges or scramble into permanent hiding at the sight of higher level mobs.

Earn Credits Like a SWTOR Scoundrel Should: Find out what advanced tactics are out there for the Scoundrel to earn mountains of credits at any given time with this Star Wars The Old Republic Scoundrel Guide. Before you know it, you’ll be multiplying your earnings exponentially. Getting that most coveted gear is no longer an issue!

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!

Highlights of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Scoundrel Guide:

  • Class-specific leveling strategies for an intensely rapid 7-day ride to level 50
  • Weapons rundown with recommendations on the best ones
  • Effective combat strategies to totally and completely dominate warzones
  • Detailed mission walkthroughs for a set of hand-picked, must-do class missions
  • Expertly designed strategies for Soundrels to silently take down enemies
  • Money-making methods the Scoundrel’s way willhave those credits piling up fast

SWTOR Scoundrel Guide

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