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SWTOR CommandoPlaying a SWTOR Commando in Star Wars The Old Republic

The SWTOR Commando advanced class in Star Wars The Old Republic resembles a Hunter or Ranger or any other ranged, non magic DPS class from other MMO games.  It also is kind of similar to the earlier single player game that came out awhile ago called Republic Commando.  But obviously, as this is an MMO and not a single player game, he doesn’t do quite the same amount of damage.

The distinguishing feature of theSWTOR Commando is his weapon, the Assault Cannon.  This is a bad-ass looking ,multi barreled weapon.  Think Rambo ripping an assault weapon off a helicopter and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about.  Obviously, the Assault Cannon is a Two-Handed weapon but if you specialize in the Gunnery skill tree, it can be the most powerful non-jedi weapon in the game.

The SWTOR Commando uses Ammo as their resource.  You don’t buy it or store it in your bags like other MMO’s.  It is just always there.  Except for Hammer Shot, all of your skills consume ammo and your ammo regenerates at a fixed rate both in and out of combat.  Think of it as no different from a Rage or Mana or Focus bar from other character classes and MMO’s.

The SWTOR Commando Trooper skills break down into three available trees:

  • Gunnery skills focus on maximizing the destructive power of the awesome Assault Cannon.
  • Combat Medic skills focus on high speed healing of yourself and your party or team.
  • Assault Specialist skills focus on making explosives and grenades to complement your other attacks.  These are powerful AOE attacks that consume a TON of ammo.

Pros of playing the SWTOR Commando:

  • You’re as tough as they come.  You’re a ranged class sporting Heavy Armor.  That alone separates this class from other MMO’s
  • You have ranged attacks for single target and grenades for AOE targets.
  • You really only have to focus on two stats, Aim and Fortitude. (Although Crit and Surge always help any DPS class)
  • You have Sticky Grenades!! This is so cool.  You shoot a sticky grenade at a target and watch them swat themselves trying to knock it loose before it explodes!

Cons of playing the SWTOR Commando:

  • You can’t crouch behind cover like a Smuggler.  You take all incoming damage on your armor.
  • Vanguards and Jedi Knights are tough because….
  • You have no real melee attacks. It’s just you and your gun.

So to really play the SWTORr Commando right you need the right guide.  I recommend Killer Guides SWTOR Commando guide.  Here’s a few features.

Leveling Strategies: Looking forward to having a level 50 Commando? Why wait? Find out how to speed-level your Commando from level 1 to 50 with this SWTOR Commando Guide. Recommended leveling SWTOR Commando Builds and walkthroughs for high experience-yielding missions are among some of the leveling content shared in the guide’s pages.

Commando Weaponry Guide: As a DPS damage dealer you will need to know when to use which type of weaponry to blast your enemies into oblivion. Whether it be blasters, cannons or various other damage weapons, this section of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Commando Guide will let you defeat all that comes your way. Boost the damage you deal by selecting the right gear from the beginning to end.

Effective Build Setups: Ever wonder why some Commandos are stronger than you even when they’re at the same level? The answer is preparation right from the start. Knowledge of the best builds in town will prepare you to outrank any other SWTOR Commando who hasn’t done the same. The tips and tricks in getting the best out of the Commando is revealed in this SWTOR Commando Guide.

Credit-making Strategies: Learn how to not only devastate the enemy but to also venture forth and earn tons of SWTOR credits. The best spots to earn credits and various money-making strategies in the vast Star Wars galaxy as a Commando is shared in this Star Wars: The Old Republic Commando Guide.

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Highlights of the SWTOR Commando Guide:

  • Leveling strategies to hit level 50 in only 1 week
  • Equipment rundown to make the right weaponry decisions throughout the game
  • Learn the most effective builds for the Commando specialization
  • Everything you need to know to successfully manage the professions and crew skills
  • PvP strategies to gain that extra edge no matter who you’re up against
  • Methods to quickly and easily earn SWTOR credits the way a true Commando does it
SWTOR Commando Guide

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