SWTOR Vanguard


SWTOR VanguardPlaying a SWTOR Vanguard in Star Wars The Old Republic.

A SWTOR Vanguard is one tough SOB.  His main purpose is to soak up damage and dish it back out.  The SWTOR Vanguard makes an awesome tank because he has a nice mix of single target and AOE attacks to help him keep aggro on multiple mobs.  His primary stats are Aim for offense (threat) and Endurance for Defense (health pool), along with Defense Rating, Shield Rating and Absorption Rating.  These are super important because you will be taking the most direct hits of anyone in your party so you need the health pool to stay alive and you need the mitigating stats to reduce the number of hits you take and the amount of damage they do when you are hit.  So don’t just stack endurance.  A good balance of the other mitigation stats is essential to staying alive.

To get the most out of your SWTOR Vanguard Advanced Class in SWTOR you need to know how to level, how to gear, how to use your skills, what builds work, and how to make the credits you’ll need to keep yourself in top end equipment.  I suggest Killer Guides SWTOR Vanguard guide.  Here’s a few reasons why.

SWTOR Vanguard Specific Leveling Strategies: Wondering how your comrades can level up much faster than you can? Perhaps they know some leveling tips that should also be yours. Discover speed-leveling strategies designed specifically for the Vanguard in this SWTOR Vanguard Guide and never again be left behind.

SWTOR Vanguard Abilities and Stats: Be confident when it comes to spending on skills and abilities for your Vanguard. More importantly, make use of the complete skills section offered in this Star Wars The Old Republic Vanguard Guide to avoid having to spend fortunes on respecs. The guide contains a complete overview of the available class skills by level, the stats, and expert recommendations for skill combinations and effective builds and tanking rotations.

Equipment Guide for the SWTOR Vanguard: Having difficulty finding or buying the right gear for your Vanguard? Simply turn to this SWTOR Vanguard Guide to learn all the spots to find the best gear in town. Whether it be from NPCs or from questing, this section of the guide will prove very useful in all stages of your SWTOR Vanguard life.

Questing Made Easy: Learn everything you need to know about the important class missions you will encounter throughout the game. In addition, find out which missions are a must-do, and what their rewards are in this Star Wars: The Old Republic Vanguard Guide. Confidently go solo or fight in a team as this section of the guide shows strategies for both styles. Questing effectively ensures smooth sailing all the way to the level cap. Nothing beats having a SWTOR Guide by your side!

Credits, Credits, Credits: Required for almost everything you do in the game, credit-making strategies are the backbone to getting to where you want to be. Learn the secret strategies from expert players who cash in tons of credits at a time, making their road to fame easy as pie from this SWTOR Credits Guide.

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Highlights of the SWTOR Vanguard Guide:

  • Leveling strategies that rapidly take you to level 50 in just 1 week
  • Learn about the more effective ways to upgrade your skills and stats
  • How and where to find the best gear in town
  • A complete questing guide specifically for the Vanguard and all its advantages
  • Strategies that ensures your domination of any battle for the bloodlust Vanguard
  • How to explonentially increase your credits balance the Vanguard’s way

SWTOR Vanguard Guide

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