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To the best of my knowledge Wealthy Hutts is the only guide out there dedicated solely to making credits in SWTOR. This guide is all about the credits and nothing but the credits! In fact, it’s such a complete and total credit guide I wouldn’t recommend any other even if there was one available.

Updated to include the latest SWTOR Patch notes!

It does not get more minute by minute up to date than the guys at Wealthy Hutts. Plus they back their claims with live from the server videos. You know the instructions they give you are current and relevant with each tweak and patch that comes along.

You can tell that they love the game, which is just one of the things that makes this guide enjoyable to use. They are just like the rest of us Star Wars The Old Republic geeks. It’s like playing along with your friends…only these friends have the secrets to amassing fortunes in credits in the game!!

They only use tried and true methods. Even more importantly, they are not out to cheat the game or give you false information about the old standards of farming for credits and grinding until your eyes are crossed. They believing in the integrity of the game and are true gaming purists. Which is why they don’t sell a bunch of fluff and filler to make you feel like your getting a whole bunch of nothing.

These guys not only share my love for the game itself, but they without a doubt get a rush from working out all the angles available within the game’s financial structure to earn credits and make a killing FAST! What’s more is that they make it EASY! Fast and easy credits? Who doesn’t want that dream come true? They also guarantee that their credit earning tips and tricks work for any class and either faction. No one sided cracks in the system to fall through in frustration. No getting stuck because you aren’t working within a group. This guide was written for the solo player to successfully make oodles of SWTOR credits!

All for the low, one time cost of $17, with a 60-day money back guarantee. You betcha I’m going to wholeheartedly recommend this guide!

Here’s a sample video of what Wealthy Hutts can teach you about SWTOR Credits.

This guide works for both factions and EACH AND EVERY CLASS you can play in SWTOR!  As the Hutts would say, credits are credits no matter where you get them from.

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