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SWTOR Crew Skills Guide

If you have just startedswtor crew skills guide playing Star Wars The Old Republic it can be pretty confusing from the outset. One of the hardest things to get to grips with in the game is the SWTOR crew skills to make credits. So I thought a good place to start would be to explain the crew skills that collectively make up the bulk of how we are going to make credits in the game.

As with other MMORG’s like World of Warcraft you get crafting and gathering skills that form a lot of the crew skills. However there are also Missions as well which are unique to SWTOR and these involve sending your companion out on missions that cost credits and in return you will get items that you can use to further level your gathering and crafting skills.

We can split up all of the skills that you use in SWTOR to make credits into 4 sections:

SWTOR Gathering Skills

SWTOR Crafting Skills

SWTOR Missions

SWTOR Gathering Skills

Let’s go through each section so you know how they work in the game.

SWTOR Gathering

Gathering skills work a lot like mining in World of Warcraft so if you have played WOW before you will know what I am talking about. If you haven’t played WOW before basically gathering in SWTOR will involve collecting resources from the planets that you will use in conjunction with your crafting skills.

Essentially there are 3 ways to get resources from gathering and that is from “nodes” – basically you will see these around the map and if you right click on them, as long as you are a high enough skill level in your gathering skill you will get some materials.

You will also be able to use some gathering skills when you down an enemy. For instance Bioanalysis allows you to scan any animals you kill to collect resources and Scavenging allows you to collect parts from the droids you kill in the game.

You will also be able to gather materials using the mission system which costs credits but you will send your companion out on missions that will bring you back certain materials.

SWTOR Gathering Skills In SWTOR:

You will find 4 gathering skills that you can get in the game:


Bio analysis



We will of course go more into depth about each of the gathering skills in future articles but if you are at a complete loss and don’t want to craft then grab Slicing and start sending your companion out on Slicing missions and you will normally get more credits than the cost of the mission.

SWTOR Crafting Skills In SWTOR

Next up we have the crafting skills in SWTOR. Some people that start the game are a bit put off by crafting as it sounds a lot more difficult than what it is.

Essentially the aim of crafting is to create items that you can use to make your character more powerful.

The hardest thing about crafting in SWTOR is it takes a while to get the best recipes to make the best items and you can buy these from other players, crew skill vendors or you can learn the recipes from Reverse Engineering but this can cost a lot of credits.

With most of the Crafting skills you will be able to make a lot of credits once you get to a decent skill level – but of course that is easier said than done!

There are six crafting skills in SWTOR:







Next up we have the Crew Skill Missions that are unique to SWTOR.

SWTOR Crew Skill Missions:

There are 4 mission based crew skills in the game:

Treasure Hunting

Underworld Trading



With the mission skills all you have to do is send your companion out on the missions and this will cost you credits but they will come back with rewards like companion gifts, and gems that you can use with the crafting skills to make items.

I hope this has given you a good overview of the SWTOR crew skills guide that collectively make up all of the professions you will use to make credits in the game.

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