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SWTOR Datacrons

swtor datacronsAs you may or may not know, SWTOR datacrons are those brightly colored, glowing artifacts that you can find throughout the universe of SWTOR. Once you obtain any of these datacrons, they can boost your character’s skills and abilities or they can give you matrix shards. These matrix shards can be assembled together to give you an even more powerful boost than individual SWTOR datacrons themselves. Such datacrons can be easy or difficult to find and some datacrons can only be acquired after completing a specific series of events.

There are 7 different kinds of SWTOR datacrons that emanate different colors in the Star Wars universe and these are:

Strength – Red

Endurance – Green

Aim – Blue

Willpower – Purple

Presence – Orange

Cunning – Yellow

Matrix Shard – White

An individual SWTOR datacron that does not give a matrix shard can give a statistic boost ranging from +2 to +10, depending on where you found the datacron and what type of datacron you found.

There are also different types of matrix shards that you can acquire and they can be red, blue, yellow or green. By themselves, matrix shards serve no purpose but must be assembled into a matrix cube to significantly enhance your character’s abilities.

SWTOR Datacrons and Matrix Cubes

To assemble a Matrix Cube, you must have at least 3 matrix shards and be able to access a Matrix assembler. For Republic players, you’ll be able to access one in an any-access phase in the Jedi Temple Ruins on Coruscant. For Empire players, you’ll be able to access one in an any-access phase near the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas.

Once you have 3 matrix shards and access to a Matrix assembler, all you have to do is input those 3 shards into the machine and it will create the Matrix Cube for you. However, even though it is possible to create a Matrix Cube regardless of what level your character is, the bonus attributes of a Matrix Cube can only be activated when you reach a certain level. There are also 4 levels or tiers of Matrix Cubes and these are 15, 24, 32 and 50. Therefore, your character must be at least on level 15 to gain those bonus attributes.

Some of the attributes that Matrix Cubes can give you are:

Level 15 cubes

Red, Blue, Yellow: +18 strength and +8 endurance

Red, Blue, Green: +15 aim and +10 endurance

Level 24 cubes

Red, Yellow, Yellow: +19 strength and +24 endurance

Green, Blue, Blue: +17 aim, +22 endurance and +6 critical chance

You can also disassemble a Matrix Cube if you’re not happy with the enhancements but you will need to buy a power core. They aren’t cheap, so you should really be sure about what type of cube you want to assemble.

You can find power cores from junk vendors such as on Tatooine, north of the Republic player’s location. Learn more about matrix cubes, SWTOR datacrons and more with this SWTOR guide here.

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