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Star Wars The Old Republic is a fantastic online, futuristic role playing game based in the Star Wars universe, your main character initially begins the game alone, then at around level 10 or so, provided you are following the very exiting main storyline of the game, you should gain the services of a companion to follow you around the game and help you with any battles in the game and also with the many crafting and gathering skills, they also will become absolutely essential from quite early on in the game, as the game is designed for you to travel in a small group.

Now, as part of the game you have what is called a companion “affection” rating, and of course the higher this value is the better your companion will perform in various ways. Your main character can actually buy “gifts” in game, for your various companion characters to help boost this rating, these gifts are different for each companion character and are harder and more expensive to obtain as you progress in the game.

To fully understand this “affection” rating and how to buy the right gift for your companion characters it is best to take a look at a SWTOR guide, as this will point you in the right direction and let you avoid the frustration of blindly buying an expensive gift for your character only to use it and find out it did nothing, (as I have done myself before, no fun) and in fact it was meant for one of your other characters.

How to use a SWTOR Gift Guide

A SWTOR guide will have all the information you need presented in a format, which you can easily read and understand. You will be able to become a master of the game in no time, get all the best gear, and level your characters in no time and be well on your way to competing in those exciting PVP tournaments, running those fantastic multi player raids and just generally having a great playing experience because you wont be wasting any time “guessing” what to do next and how to get the great gear.

Using a SWTOR gift guide I have heard of people leveling their characters to level 50 in just a couple of weeks while other players are blindly trying to complete as many quests as they can to gain as much experience as possible. You will learn in a SWTOR guide that not all quests give the same amount of experience points, and that you can learn the quests that give you the most experience and then complete those quest first so you can save your time by not concentrating so much on the quests with the least amounts of experience.

In conclusion, I can just say by investing in a SWTOR gift guide it will save you countless hours of your own time and frustration fumbling around the game with no clue as what to do next, it will also tell you what stats your character’s gear needs to boost up so your character will perform at their best so your character will be the envy of everyone else’s and you will be UNSTOPPABLE on the battle field, there is no greater feeling when your character goes head to head with someone else’s and you are left standing at the end and their character is notswtor gift guide!

Anyway, I wish you all good gaming and remember to have fun out there.

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