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SWTOR Leveling Guides

SWTOR or Star Wars the Old Republic is a fast growing MMO that has been getting a lot of attention. Like most other MMOs they have create a huge universe for their players to explore as they are leveling up, along with end content once they reach the level cap.

There is large section in the MMO gaming community that enjoy the end game much more than the leveling part of the game. To them the faster you get capped and can start raiding the sooner the real fun begins. For most their view is the leveling and seeing the different area of the game is cool but it gets it doesn’t compare to getting a group together and taking down a raid boss. This is why people will spend a little extra money to buy a SWTOR leveling guide.

For these people leveling guides are just what they need. Yes, they cost a little money but when you figure in the amount of time you’re going to be playing the game and the time you save when using a guide they pay for themselves.

swtor leveling guides

When you have a leveling guide you know everything has been tested by pro players and it takes the guess work and trial and error out of the game. The guide will show what the best quest to take are and how to finish them in the fastest possible time. This saves you from taking quests that just have you running all over the place or wasting time going in circle looking for that quest item you need before you can hand it in. Most guides will give you written or video walkthroughs that show you step by step just what to do. This will cut days if not weeks of the time it takes you to get level capped.

The guides will also show you were to put you talent points to make the best class builds possible. This will also increase the speed that you level since you will be able to curse though mobs and even take on opponents that are several levels above you which gives you more experience faster.

Most good guides will also have a section were they will give you tips and tricks to earn extra credits. Having the credits available to buy and do all the things you want to in the game makes a huge difference to your gaming experience.

Overall SWTOR leveling guides aren’t for everyone.

The casual player who just likes exploring and questing would not buy any SWTOR Leveling Guides but for the hardcore raider types these guides are just what they are looking for.  If you’re looking for a good SWTOR Leveling Guide visit SWTOR Savior. SWTOR Saviour is the most popular and highest rated guide for SWTOR right now.

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