May 092012

Here is a short summary of the information released so far on Patch 1.3:

  • Group Finder System
    • Flashpoints
    • Story Operations
    • Questing on X Planet
  • Augment Tables – ability to add augment to “any” piece of gear. Makes crafting crits obsolete?
  • Dynamic Gear – some pieces of gear will have their stats increase as you level up (social vendor, etc.)
  • Legacy Character Perks – ability to give specific characters different bonuses depending on how you plan to play them. IE – maybe you want to level alot with pvp on one character so you can give him a PVP EXP bonus.
  • UNCONFIRMED: New HK-51 Robot Companion

NOT in Patch 1.3:

  • Ranked Warzones
  • 8 Man PVP Queuing
  • Server Mergers

So the ranked Warzones which we were promised would be in patch 1.2 are now not even going to be in patch 1.3?  Disappointing but honestly they need to implement the server mergers now if they want people to really stop complaining about the low populations.  It’s really bad PR for Bioware and it’s causing them to lose subscribers for something they can easily fix.

Star Wars AT-AT ModelIn the ranks of cool sci-fi vehicles the AT-AT is clearly near the top of the list. It takes a lot of vision to create a gawky four-legged mechanical beast and have it come off so amazing.
Star Wars Jedi & Sith Bath RobesThis sumptuous dressing gown is warm and luxurious – perfect for those strong with The Force who are taking a vacation, going bowling, or having their persian rugs cleaned.
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ice Cube TrayThe Millennium Falcon Ice Tray creates ice or candies in the shape of the famed ship of Han Solo. Safe for melted chocolate, the fridge, or the freezer, this food-safe silicone tray can do it all.

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