May 032012

SWTOR PvP Content update on the horizon.

SWTOR lead designer Daniel Erickson has said the team at BioWare has realized how large the PvP community is, so it has “turned a huge amount of resources” towards creating more content. He also told RPS that more team members have been assigned to create end game content as players are approaching the current cap faster than previously thought.

SWTOR PvP ContentIt seems that Bioware has fallen into the age old trap of “We have plenty of time to come up with end game content, no one is going to level to 50 that fast”.  Meanwhile people did exactly what Bioware thought they would not do. They skipped over a TON of the content Bioware spent so much time and effort and money developing because they wanted to see “how the game ended”.  While I was one of the people who truly immersed himself into the storyline and took the time to “smell the roses” that were laid out in front of me, many of my own friends and guild members were harrassing me daily with “Will you hurry up and get to 50 so we can raid”  For a large percentage of the MMO population, end game is what it’s all about.  Everything else is just the price you have to pay to get there.  SWTOR PvP Content was where Bioware totally failed at end game content and it’s good this is something they are making a priority.

Erickson said the team learned “two big lessons coming out of not just launch but beta testing,” when it came to development direction, one of which was not to underestimate the popularity of PvP among MMO players.

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“Although we had not originally planned the game to be heavily PVP-focused, the ease of getting in and playing the Warzones combined with their fun design gave us the highest PvP participation of any modern triple-A MMO,” he said. “At that point we turned a huge amount of our resources to PVP development, but we’re still playing a bit of catch-up, and that is understandably frustrating to our most advanced PVP users.

“The second [lesson] was that the better your leveling content, the longer people would play in single sessions, and that when people are playing an average of five-or-six-hours-a-pop, they devour your content at an amazing pace. That meant moving more teams to end game content earlier than we had expected.”

I think the third lesson that Bioware did not seem to learn when it comes to SWTOR PvP content is “Don’t put PvP into a game unless you REALLY want to deal with a PvP population.”  PvPer’s are renowned throughout all MMO’s as being one of the more vocal groups on game forums when it comes to things they feel are wrong with a game.  Whether it’s a class imbalance, a warzone screw-up, or uninspired PvP content, they will let you know.

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